Velvet Hellion

Velvet Hellion
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Please Note: The paperback version of Velvet Hellion has been discontinued for now until a revised edition is released.

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Elusive government agents, a mysterious doctor, a vanishing detective, emotional rivalry, characters with secrets, twists and turns that keep you guessing.... it's all here in the exciting novel, Velvet Hellion!

Imagine you are in the 1970's, without a cellphone or iPad, living in a Virginia town that is an odd mixture of old and new.  You run an Arabian horse farm, which you hope will become successful, yet there's a small secret in your past which could ruin your dream, making you the prime suspect in your husband’s murder. You only have one good friend, but soon find yourself involved with others after a seemingly innocent game of poker. 

As events unfold, you become suspicious of the men around you, unsure who to trust, while friends become entangled in a web of deception, government agents, and are forced to face their own emotional rivalry.
For 21 year-old Nicole Tyler, nothing is ever easy; but often, it's comical.

This light-hearted mystery is not without its suspenseful, dangerous moments.

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"Iím so pleased to report that Velvet Hellion is a winner! This book seriously has everything: Drama, intrigue, complex conspiracies, romantic love affairs, and fabulously crafted characters. Throughout the book, you never know whatís coming next... I very highly recommend this book to fans of well-written romance... I loved this book...." Tara Entwistle-Clark, author and book reviewer.
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"I've read the first 4 chapters of Velvet Hellion on the website and, having read many books in my lifetime, I am very impressed with your writing and the story. I can hardly wait to read the rest of it. So, I have just a few mins ago ordered a signed copy from" ~~Charley O.

Velvet Hellion was written by Rachael Allen while she battles her illnesses as a disabled person. If you wish to purchase a copy of her printed book or her ebook, the proceeds will help in the cost of her nutrition supplements she needs for her medical conditions.  If you feel so inclined, please spread the word to your friends and coworkers about her book. She is grateful for any help.

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About the Author:
  Rachael Allen is a disabled writer and native of Parkville, MD, USA, who now lives in England with her husband. Growing up in Maryland, she had a deep love for horses and cats, which played a part in her writing at an early age, as she completed her first book when she was only nine years old. She enjoyed creating poetry, artwork, playing guitar and composing songs, until several chronic illnesses changed her life.
Velvet Hellion was a labor of love, born over many years as Rachael found herself becoming housebound, due to her illnesses.

Rachael wishes to thank Mark Barnes for his assistance in this project, and his lovely cover design.

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