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      Profile: Andy Rowney - Drums & Backing Vocals

            Hobbies: Playing drums, Windsurfing,

Despite taking piano lessons from an early age, Andy started playing drums aged 12 years when Santa managed to squeeze a Premier snare drum and some tom-toms down the chimney! His first experience on a full kit was at school when he used to play for an hour every lunchtime. He was invited to join the school Senior Windband and encouraged younger schoolkids to join him playing the kit.

From 14 years old, Andy started to add to his kit, and eventually put together a white Premier kit with Zyn cymbals. In addition to the school concerts and playing drums for school plays and other shows, Andy joined his first rock band and spent Sunday afternoons in the guitarist's front-room playing The Police's Walking On The Moon and Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols - over and over and over again - poor neighbours!

During sixth form Andy joined Spectral Detta, a rock band in Stafford, and spent two years playing covers of tracks by Van Halen, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard and Gary Moore. The kit was transported squeezed in his mum's Fiat 126!

When back in Stafford from university during the summer, Andy helped form a band playing a few Rush covers - Red Barchetta, 2112 - with his brother, Duncan, on bass and the ex-Spectral Detta singer.

At university, Andy jammed with a variety of musicians and accompanied college plays until forming Majesty in his final year. A 5-piece rock band, Majesty played a number of gigs, culminating in the end of year open-air concert, when people in pubs five miles away were singing along to the mix of self-penned songs and covers of Van Halen, U2, Rush, Gary Moore etc.

On moving to Bracknell, Andy advertised to join a band in the local paper at exactly the same time as Mike and Tom were advertising for a drummer, so Time At The Bar was formed and the rest is history (as they say)!

Andy spent a few years learning formal drumming techniques with Peter Fallowell, where his childhood music theory classes came in very handy for reading and writing drum notation.

Alongside Time At The Bar, Andy has worked with the following bands:

Desperate Dance: a 4-piece rock band playing 70's and 80's covers including Queen, Bowie, The Police and many more 'danceable' songs.
The Nonkey Brothers: a 5-piece comedy band whose music has been described as "Viz magazine set to music"! The Nonkeys recorded a couple of albums and played many pub gigs in the Thames Valley area. For the last couple of gigs, when the bass player had left and moved to London, talented guitarist Gary Nuttal stood in before moving on to join Robbie Williams!

In 2007, after Time At The Bar split up due to their guitarist moving location, Andy helped to form Heathrow Jets when he took a call from the ex-Nonkey Brothers guitarist who was keen to form a punk band.

                     Favourite Artists:

Rock: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Big Country, Creed, Deep Purple, It Bites, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rush, The Police, Thin Lizzy, U2, Van Halen.
Modern punk: Blink-182, China Drum, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Hoobastank, Just Jinger, Lit, Sum 41.
Jazz-funk-latin: Oleta Adams, Earth Wind & Fire, Irakere, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Santana, Sting.

                          Drumming Influences:

Brian Downey, Thin Lizzy - Astounding feel and subtlety lifts one of the best ever rock bands to another level.
Ian Paice, Deep Purple, Whitesnake - Fantastic technician, brilliant jazz/blues playing for a legendary rock band
Neil Peart, Rush - Still pushing back the boundaries of rock drumming after 30 years - The Professor!
Manu Katché, Omar Hakim, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, various - Amazing ability, stunning work with ground breaking jazz/rock bands

                       Instruments: Drums, backing vocals


Natal drums - Birch Rock kit in Sunburst Fade
Zildjian cymbals
Pearl snare drum
ProMark 747 Oak Neil Peart signature sticks
Gibraltar rack, stands and pedals
A headset mic and a selection of ear-plugs - what, pardon?


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