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       Profile: Tom Allen - Bass guitar
Marital Status: Married to Rach Allen

Tom began playing bass guitar in 1979 and was influential in the formation of a band called
The Sessions.

After a number of line-up changes, the original members, Tom and Vince Kimpton, formed
Mind Games, playing at various local venues.

When he moved on from Mind Games, Tom was asked to join Listen, a band he stayed with
for about a year.

On leaving Listen, Tom was approached by Vince to join him and guitarist Mike Smallbone.
An ad for a drummer was then answered by Andy Rowney, thus forming the first line-up of
Time At The Bar.

Alongside Time At The Bar, Tom has also worked with music composer Peter Fallowell and
the band PaperHouse.

In 2018, Tom joined his wife, Rachael, to form The Rach Allen Band, as a special guest on
bass guitar for some of her songs. Their first digital album was released, titled "Purely Accidental",
gaining radio airplay in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, and is
available on Amazon and iTunes.

                                  Tom's Favourite Artists:
The Jam, The Stranglers, Thin Lizzy, The Police, Rush, YES, Paul Weller, Foo Fighters, Mr. Big, The Who, Gary Moore, Primus, Level 42, The Clash, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Slade, David Bowie, T. Rex, Big Country, Steve Vai, Neil Young
                                   Tom uses the following guitars:

                      ... and effects unit:


                      ... and amplification:


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